Christmas Comes Early to Horstman

15 Dec 2020

As part of Horstman’s continued growth and investment, old machines (pictured) are departing and making way for newer ones, with greater capability, capacity and throughput. Bidding farewell to this machine, which has supported Horstman well throughout the years, having been installed back in 1997; it supported multiple programmes during its lifetime running in excess of 40,000 hours.

Horstman’s latest acquisition is with the installation of a brand new HCN6800 plus a 6 Pallet extension to the current Palletech system.

The new HCN6800 is configured to match the current HCN6800 cell, creating a fully flexible pallet system, capable of continuous manufacturing around the clock.

This investment unlocks the potential to manufacture more of Horstman’s products than ever before of our production quantities and including new and exciting designs of Hydropneumatic Suspension Systems.

In addition, Horstman are also excited to announce that we have now taken possession of and installed an LK Metrology Altera M 25.15.12 CMM. This has been coupled with the latest Renishaw PH10MQ head and SP25M probing, allowing us to have the scanning ability which can acquire several hundred surface points per second, enabling measurement of form as well as size and position down to bore depths of 400mm.

This latest investment in technology is in line with Horstman’s desire to remain at the forefront of high precision and integrity engineering.

The new machine additions allows Horstman to provide and offer to our customers the guaranteed service in design and production that has come to be expected and for years to come.