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Supporting the full apprenticeship cycle, from recruitment through to qualification, you will  

have the overarching responsibility for the apprentice population regardless of their discipline within the business.  

The role will also be a key to promoting Horstman and engineering as an exciting career choice, creating opportunities for a varied and inclusive workforce by developing long-term relationships with external partners, facilitating work experience opportunities and awareness events

You will also be involved in working with the business to support workforce planning and skills requirements for the future.

Duties & Responsibilities


  • Promote work experience opportunities and apprenticeships to a wide range of external stakeholders (colleges, schools etc) encouraging an inclusive offer with particular consideration for our EDI targets, our local community and ex forces personnel. Engaging in open days etc
  • Develop and manage a programme for work experience, whether attending for a few days or a longer term placement to ensure they get the most from their experience with Horstman 
  • Working closely with Line Managers to ensure high quality placements and verify the necessary support is in place 
  • Ensuring all relevant paperwork, risk assessments and so on completed for all work experience students, liaising with the schools as necessary
  • Communicate with placement attendees to ensure they have all necessary information ahead of their placement
  • Providing pastoral support for work experience students
  • Promote an inclusive recruitment and selection process for apprenticeship programmes – supporting managers to identify the most appropriate apprenticeships courses to meet business requirements. 
  • Management of induction process for new apprentices
  • Working closely with apprentice assessors to ensure activities reflect the requirements of their apprenticeship. Review and monitor learner progression aligned to their programme curriculum and as appropriate for their stage in the programme and experience.
  • In conjunction with Line Managers ensuring all learners have a clear development pathway, and the support required to help them to achieve all aspects of their programme and associated personal development to a high standard.
  • Ensure that supporting programme activities such as internally planned training activities, placements, rotations, and so on are planned, communicated and delivered to a high standard.
  • Develop a group of willing, trained mentors across the business functions able to provide support and guidance for the apprentices throughout their apprentice career
  • Ensure that opportunities to leverage the levy fund are maximised whether with new apprentices or using the levy to fund other learning for current employees
  • Provide regular feedback to learners, line managers, and business on the progression and performance ensuring that all understand the requirements of the apprenticeships. Identifying strengths and development opportunities for each learner to enable them to perform in their target role. 
  • Monitor the quality of training being provided to our Apprentices and take action when required to ensure all Apprentices meet or exceed their educational milestones. Working closely with apprentice providers to establish a service level agreement and partner with the provider to ensure this is delivered
  • Effectively manage any documentation, paperwork and registration requirements associated with enrolling Apprentices for training and funding.
  • Support the recruitment of any placement students across the business
  •   Support the Line Manager to ensure that placements are achieving the required course objectives
  • Work with line managers to develop a Graduate Scheme for Horstman – across the Horstman Group and potentially with RENK (Visa restrictions depending)
  • Start the implementation of a graduate scheme with regular opportunities for feedback and review to ensure best opportunities for employees.

Knowledge & Ability Required

The post holder is required to have / be:

  • A strong team player.
  • Experience of mentoring and coaching - able to adapt style and approach to situation and audience.  
  • Excellent understanding of apprenticeships, the levy requirements and alternative government funding opportunities.  
  • A good grasp of the education landscape, further education, degrees, degree apprenticeships and so on  
  • A good understanding of EDI
  • An understanding of the learning cycle
  • Able to coach others in how to support apprentice level learners - e.g. through objective setting and appropriate performance management techniques.  
  • Good working knowledge of a range of IT systems and packages
  • An ability to get things done by exercising influence and gaining buy-in to new initiatives
  • Ability to communicate with people at all levels both verbally and in writing
  • Ability to plan, organise and prioritise
  • Ability to work to a high standard in pressurised situations
  • Ability to listen, adapt and understand the audience


The post holder will desirably have, be or will be able to develop:

  • A CIPD qualification in Learning and Development  
  • Comfortable using LMS / reporting systems to effectively and proactively deploy learning curriculums, manage progression of learners, build action plans, and keep relevant stakeholders informed.


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