Product Overview

MilAIR’s standard product line of Split Systems are specifically designed for use in Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) protected enclosures.

This system provides a hermetic environment by means of an externally mounted condenser assembly and a separate internally mounted evaporator assembly.

Refrigerant lines and electrical connections are passed through the shelter wall using sealed bulkhead connectors. These units are qualified for use in the US Army SICPS4 and CPP shelters.

All models provided herein are customize-able to meet your particular requirements.

Separate condenser and evaporator assemblyProvides hermetic environment for evaporator assembly supporting NBC environmental requirements,
Configurable capacityAs a standard product line MilAIR is capable of providing this in a range of capacity requirements from 12k BTU to 36K BTU. Direct fit to application need.
Quick release connectors for refrigeration and electrical circuits. Using bulkhead connectors allows for line replacement subsystem components (evaporator or condenser).
CNC Bent Refrigeration Circuit Fewer joints – reduces potential leak paths.
.090 Aluminum Cabinet Material Weight savings, Corrosion resistant, increased rigidity and durability
Construction method using Monobolt, Rivnuts, Stainless Steel Hardware with Locking Device. Higher quality construction, durable hardware and corrosion resistance
Faying Surfaces Sealed (Silaprene®) Improve sealings for improved air flow and less vibration.
All Aluminum Micro Channel Coil Condenser with Electrofin® Superior Corrosion protectionand improved thermal transfer.
Capacity Rating at 125°F Rated capacity at higher temperature for more practical cooling capacity
Totally enclosed motors and sealed roller bearings Protected from the elements, longer life, lower resistance, higher reliability
Designed for Harsh Environments Units are designed for extreme elements of temperature, salt fog, wind, rain, sand, dust IAW MilSTD 810
Vibration Isolators, Suction and Discharge Lines Isolate the refrideration circuit from internal and external vibration for improved reliability
Standard Hot Gas Bypass Prevents condensation from freezing


  • Remote Thermostat
  • Fault identification
  • Quick disconnect connections for refrigeration and electrical circuits
  • Various capacity configurations
  • Capacity 12k – 36k


  • Filters
  • Screen protectors
  • Power Generators