Horstman Business Update Covid – 4th November 2020

04 Nov 2020

This business update is issued as England enters a second period of national lockdown to reduce pressure on the NHS in the winter season.

As an essential industry supporting British, US and allied forces Horstman remain operational for business as usual.

Horstman has continued to operate at full capacity in the UK, US and Canada throughout 2020. We intend to continue to do so in the coming months and into 2021.

In our journey of ‘improvise, adapt and overcome’, we are now well past ‘improvising’ and into a routine of high level performance. Our talented and flexible team have adapted working patterns and techniques and have protected themselves and their colleagues.

Dispersed operations are well rehearsed and we have made changes to our sites to ensure we stay Covid secure. Supportive HR policies have meant that self-isolation has been effective, and in the rare cases where employees have tested Covid positive the wider business has not been impacted. We are working hard on mental health support to isolated or remote employees and take this new challenge just as seriously as we do physical safety in our workplace.

In the spring and summer of this difficult year we continued not only to meet production goals but developed and fielded new technologies and products, improved on time delivery, ordered large new CNC machines (due to arrive soon!), expanded our apprenticeship programme and prepared for a new wave of IT investments.  Our long standing practice of dual sourcing critical items, and sourcing from NATO and allied mills, has stood us in good stead. Quality has been maintained and new techniques proven to support remote audit accreditation and customer training.

Customers have chosen Horstman – our orderbook is stronger now than in February with major new R&D, prototyping and production orders won in the UK, US, Canada and the Asia-Pacific region. Our parent company RENK AG has reinforced their strong position with large orders in Europe. Cash-flow remains strong and Horstman has not needed to make use of any government support schemes.

Our planning scenario, since the summer, has assumed a winter lockdown. We have prepared accordingly and for example our UK employees supported a pro-active flu-immunisation scheme with unprecedented take-up; and yes, here in the UK we are preparing for Brexit too.

We do not underestimate the coming winter and it will be a dark time for many. As we have before, we will strive to equip and protect the front line, be they deployed overseas or on the home front.

Ian Pain                                             Mark Allemby

CEO Horstman Group                     Deputy Managing Director, Horstman Defence Systems Ltd  

President – Horstman Inc                Vice President – Horstman Systems Inc

Larry Humphrey                             Claude Porlier