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Welcome to Horstman – a Company of the RENK Group

With a time-tested pedigree in design, development, project management and high-quality manufacture, Horstman is the pre-eminent mobility solution provider in the global heavy armoured and tracked vehicle suspension market.

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Global Footprint

Recognized by armoured vehicle designers worldwide as the benchmark for excellence in the field since the 1920’s, Horstman today works with more than 18 blue chip prime contractors and government research centres. With export sales to 28 countries we provide unrivalled mobility to vehicles ranging from ultra lightweight-wheeled 4×4, battlefield 6×6 and 8×8 wheeled, through infantry and engineer tracked vehicles and up to the heaviest of main battle tanks.

Horstman, a Company of the RENK group, with more than a hundred skilled employees in the UK, US and Canada, we are an agile, creative and growing business. Our core high value added, innovative engineering business has a global footprint in both customer base and supply chain that provides a quality, technically excellent offering to solve customers’ problems, throughout the product life cycle.

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Engineering Integrity is at the heart of our durable and safety critical systems, and we extend these capabilities to support selected strategic markets and customers. Our special product and service offerings include precision machining of titanium, design and build of electro- mechanical and electro-hydraulics, high performance environmental HVAC systems, gearbox and drivelines.

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Today’s user demands a capable and versatile vehicle with features and capabilities built in to adapt to complex environmental threats and changing  roles. We integrate all our mobility expertise with advanced control options. This gives a complete system solution of modular options based around robust suspension  and delivers the capabilities to suit today’s complex operational picture.

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