Horstman Website Launched Today

06 Jun 2018

Horstman we have been working on a new website to unify the increasingly global brand of our US, Canadian and UK businesses and allow us to work ever more closely with our customers and suppliers worldwide. We are very pleased with the result and excited to share the news with our contacts.

We did consider delaying our website launch by a few days to avoid an overlap with the momentous events in Normandy seventy four years ago. We asked four of the many veterans in our business to reflect their views and am pleased to say that we decided to go ahead with our website launch today– not because we forget or trivialise the events and sacrifices of 1944, but because we remember and honour them. We remember our workforce and their families who served then, just as we continue to remember and support those today who protect those hard-won freedoms all around the world.

At the same time, we have also changed our LinkedIn presence to include a Horstman group page to pull together our individual connections across the whole business. Followers of our individual businesses may wish to also follow our Group page to ensure a crossfeed of latest developments.