Horstman Provides Advanced Suspension System for British Army Ridgbacks and Mastiffs – Mali deployment

25 Mar 2021

Horstman Group is extremely proud to be supporting NP Aerospace in meeting the British Army’s Urgent Capability Requirement for the off-road mobility upgrade by supplying advanced suspension and our proprietary Ride Height Control System. This cutting edge package combines Hydropneumatic and electrical technological systems to deliver an unprecedented level of mobility to the Mastiff and Ridgeback platforms.

Independent Hydrostrut® suspension and ride height control functionality makes it possible for these vehicles to traverse terrains previously deemed too harsh or inaccessible; match or exceed the manoeuvrability of their strategic counterparts and aid in the recovery of disabled platforms in the Protected Mobility Vehicle fleet.

The Horstman group, in collaboration with NP Aerospace as engineering authority, successfully designed and delivered a custom mobility solution under an exceptionally short timescale for urgent deployment by UK forces in Mali, Africa.

“ Working together we combined existing proven technology with rapidly designed and manufactured configurations, in less than three months from drawing board to operational trials” Andrew Titley, Principal Engineer

Our Bath based UK team’s Hydrostrut® suspension allows rougher terrain to be negotiated, faster and with a more comfortable and stable ride. Our Ontario based Canadian team provided the controller hardware and software that enabled a selectable ground clearance that suits the tactical threat and maintains the correct weight distribution across multiple axles.

The speed in which this programme was accomplished is testament to the scalability of the software features and system architecture inherent to our controller hardware.

Horstman continue to support NP Aerospace under this contract and are committed to further enhance the suspension capabilities of these platforms, providing our armed forces and allies with the capabilities required to meet their mission objectives.