Product Overview

Horstman AFV suspension design has engineering excellence at its core, enabling us to design our own products, and assist you in your engineering challenges.

With our pedigree in New Product Introduction, we have the expertise to take a design and validate it through to Full Rate Production and beyond, ensuring that it meets all the necessary safety cases and giving the option for system upgrades.

As a technical solution provider, we are able to undertake a variety of complex engineering challenges for you to achieve your desired solution.

Design• Horstman Engineering can tailor its design capabilities to meet your needs as a customer.
Analysis• Whether it is Finite Element Analysis to full Safety Case Analysis to anything in between Horstman has the capability to suit your needs.
Testing• Horstman offers a range of testing capabilities at our disposal to qualify its products, we can utilise these resources to work with you to validate your designs.
Commissioning & Tuning• Overseas global support, with both technical and hands on personnel. Support customers with the tuning of their vehicle systems, with a focus on mobility / suspension and running component interaction.
Vehicle Simulation• Ride modelling and vehicle simulation using ADAMS and RecurDyn.
System Upgrades• End users continually want more from their platforms and this includes extended service, we have the expertise to work with you to provide a system upgrade that meets the end user requirements and expectations
Hydraulic Testing• Hydraulic safety is fundamental to Horstman products as such we have the capability to test components to ensure structural integrity.
Wheeled Application Tracked Application
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