Product Overview

Horstman has developed an extensive portfolio of proven sealing systems to operate in the most challenging of environments and duty cycles.

Typical challenges are:

High pressures (up to 2000 bar / 29000 psi).
High sliding / rotational speeds.
Rapid acceleration / deceleration.
Low temperature performance (down to -60 deg C / -76 deg F).
High ambient temperatures ( up to 58 deg C / 136 deg F).
Mud and debris exclusion.
Proprietary seal configurations to break ice, exclude mud and fine silt and sand.

Extensive knowledge of sealing systems performance on a variety of counter-sealing surface finishes, treatments, and coatings.

Horstman sealing technologies suitable for adjacent markets, including oil and gas industries, sub-sea and others.

Maintenance free sealing solutionsLow maintenance required (often no maintenance required)
Maintained sealing solutionsSome maintenance required due to the specific operational environment.
Compact sealing configurationsProprietary small space claim multi-seal configurations to operate in high pressure environments.
Long life sealing solutionsMaximum operational and storage of systems before maintenance activities are required.
Metal to metal sealing solutionsDurable sealing solutions for use in aggressive environments.


  • Functional testing
  • Durability testing
  • High performance materials and seal configurations


  • High-pressure oil charging systems
  • High-pressure gas charging systems
  • Pressure relief valves

Technical Documents