Product Overview

Horstman has developed thermal stabilisation technologies to mitigate the effects of heat expanding the gases in hydropneumatic suspension elements:

  • Passive cooling – optimisation of the cooling path to either the atmosphere of vehicle chassis by the directing of heat energy away from the suspension element.
  • Active cooling – removal of the heat energy generated by the suspension.
  • Ride height management using a ride height control system (RHCS) to compensate for heating effects.
  • Ambitec™ technology – mitigates the effects of the change in ride height.
  • Active damping – modifying the suspension performance to mitigate the increased build-up of heat, either by integral thermal valve technology, or external control system.
  • Fully active advanced suspension – temperature effects are mitigated by the active ride management software.
  • These proven technologies are deployed as required by the customer vehicle configuration, application and duty cycle.
Passive coolingSimple low cost thermal management system. Usually coupled with advanced low friction coatings to minimise internal heat generation 
Active coolingSimple thermal management system with ancillary system to increase system durability in very hot climate or extreme duty cycle environments.
Ride height managementOften integrated to vary the vehicle ride height due to changes in load or operational scenario, it can also be used to mitigate thermal effects without the addition of other system complexity.
Active dampingProtects the suspension units from excessive heating in arduous duty cycles.
Fully active suspensionDeployed for the very best in suspension system performance, this absorbs energy and converts it into electrical, rather than thermal energy, enabling the vehicle duty cycle to be both arduous and sustained for long periods without degradation.
Wheeled Application Tracked Application
6x6 8x8


  • Active cooling
  • RHCS
  • AmbitecTM
  • Active damping
  • Fully active suspension


  • Charging kit – HydroboosterTM
  • Electronic control unit (ECU)