Product Overview

  • Horstman has Small Business flexibility combined with a global supply chain, which enables our customers to overcome various supply chain challenges faced by larger businesses.
  • Horstman has the knowledge, experience and ethics to manage the complexities of importing and exporting around the world.
  • Our Global supply chain and customer base allows us the flexibility to work with our customers to achieve local content requirements that are imposed in their contracts. We are able to arrange knowledge transfer, licensing and distributor arrangements
Offset and Industrial Participation• Horstman understand the mutual benefit of industrial participation. We have proven capability in setting up multi $M licensee arrangements, and support know-how transfer and supply chain localisation.
Small Business Procurement• Our systems allow us to have the small business flexibility, whilst still conforming to full Quality Management requirements, to overcome procurement issues for our customers.
Import and Export, Trade Compliance• Horstman had the trade compliance expertise to provide low risk import and export solutions. This includes UK, Canadian, US ITAR, US EAR, Wassenar, EU dual-use and German BAFA
Localisation by set up of turn-key cells• Horstman has the flexibility in its various business models with the customer, to meet any local content and localisation requirements imposed.


  • Licensee and Distributor models
  • Kits of parts, Supply chain support
  • Maintenance Repair and Overhaul


  • Secure Logistics
  • Various INCO Terms

Technical Documents